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King of Kensington

1 9 7 5 – 1 9 8 0 (Canada)
111 x 30 minute episodes

Events in the lives of the Kings, a family of three living in the city of Kensington near Toronto, Canada.

Larry King (Al Waxman) is the owner of King’s Variety Store in Kensington Market.

He is married to Cathy (Fiona Reid), and Larry’s mother, Gladys (Helene Winston), also lives with them.

Duke (Bob Vinci), Nestor (Ardon Bess) and Max (John J. Dee) are Larry’s friends and stories relate the incidents that befall anti-hero Larry at home and at work.

Larry King
Al Waxman
Cathy King
Fiona Reid
Gladys King
Helene Winston
Nestor Best
Ardon Bess
Tony ‘Duke’ Zarro
Bob Vinci
John J. Dee
Rosa Zarro
Vivian Reis