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King Wilbur III

1 9 7 4 – 1 9 7 6 (UK)

This 10-minute children’s TV show from Thames Television was narrated by Jim Bowen with stories by Jim Rogerson and illustrations by George Him, a graphic artist from Jackanory.


King Wilbur Finds a Magician | King Wilbur and the Bath | The King Loses His Voice | Rebuilding the Castle | Wilbur and the Gift | Wilbur and the Circus Ground | Wilbur and the Bicycle | Wilbur and the Boat Race | Wilbur and the Ghost | Wilbur and the Dragon | Wilbur and the Fire | Wilbur and the Egg | Wilbur and the Throne | Wilbur Helps a Friend | Wilbur and the Mice | Wilbur and the Thief