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King’s Men

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (Australia)

Grundy Television, whose oeuvre until this point had been soaps such as Class of ’74, dipped into the cop genre – which had proved hugely successful for Crawford Productions – with this show for the Aussie Seven network.


Set in Kings Cross (Sydney), it starred Gordon Glenwright as Detective Inspector Harry King, Tom Oliver as Detective Sergeant Frank Weston (pictured at right), Don Barkham as Senior Detective Hal Whelan, Don Spencer as Senior Detective Tim Harper and Tina Bursill as Policewoman Jaybee Giddings.

The group of undercover police used unconventional methods to fight crime.

The series was not a success and found an early grave.

Det. Insp. Harry King
Gordon Glenwright
Sen. Det. Hal Whelan
Don Barkham
Sen. Det. Tim Harper
Don Spencer
Det. Sgt. Frank Weston
Tom Oliver
Policewoman Jaybee Giddings
Tina Bursill