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1 9 7 4 (USA)
4 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived ABC series brought us the adventures of Alaska State Patrolman Cal “Kodiak” McKay (played by big Clint Walker of Cheyenne fame).

Kodiak was responsible for 50,000 square miles of rugged country and all the criminals, avalanche victims, and squabbling miners contained therein.

He worked alone most of the time – travelling by four-wheel-drive truck, snowmobile on skis, kayak or snowshoes – but he was assisted occasionally by an old Eskimo friend named Abraham Lincoln Imhook, who was fond of saying things like “A hunter’s son never cries” and “His soul will be safe. I tucked it under a whale-blubber lamp”.

The series was filmed on location in Alaska and debuted on Friday 13 September 1974, lasting just 4 episodes. The last episode screened on 11 October 1974.

A further 9 episodes had been planned but the series was cancelled almost immediately.

Cal ‘Kodiak’ McKay
Clint Walker
Abraham Lincoln Imhook
Abner Biberman
Maggie Blye


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