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Krofft Superstar Hour

1 9 7 8 – 1 9 7 9 (USA)
13 x 60 minute episodes

This was a variety show (similar to the Krofft Supershow) hosted by The Bay City Rollers.

Besides performing “in concert” at the beginning and ending of the show, the Rollers also appeared in short filmed bits and introduced the various segments and participated in other wacky antics with the regular cast members.

The two main segments were Horror Hotel and Lost Island.

Horror Hotel starred Witchepoo, from HR Pufnstuf, who now ran a hotel with assistance from other Pufnstuf characters, including Dr Blinkey, Orson, and Stupid Bat.

Lost Island had an all-star Krofft cast with H.R. Pufnstuf, Sigmund the sea monster, Weenie the Genie, Dr Shrinker and Hugo (although Dr Shrinker became Dr Deathray), Enik and the other Sleestaks and dinosaurs from Land of the Lost.

Only eight of the 13 episodes were ever aired and after eight weeks, the format was shortened to a half-hour and renamed The Bay City Rollers Show. The Lost Island segment was dropped but Horror Hotel continued.


The Bay City Rollers 
Les McKeown (vocals)
Eric Faulkner (guitar)
Alan Longmuir (bass)
Stuart “Woody” Wood (guitar)
Derek Longmuir (drums)

Billie Hayes 
Weenie, the Genie 

Billie Hayes 
Hoo Doo 

Paul Gale 

Jay Robinson
Billy Barty
Sharon Baird
Louise Duart
Mickey McMeel