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Lanigan’s Rabbi

1 9 7 6 (USA)
5 x 90 minute episodes

Irish Police Chief Paul Lanigan (Art Carney) and his best friend David Small (Bruce Solomon), a rabbi in Cameron, California, are friends and both solve crimes in the local town.

Paul has been a cop for 22 years and lives with his wife, Kate (Janis Paige), at 3601 Sycamore Lane. His office is in Room 121 of the Cameron Police Department.


Paul doesn’t make arrests that don’t stick, he doesn’t speculate about murder cases, and he strives not to let innocent people get hurt.

David and his wife, Miriam (Janet Margolin), live at 171 Circle Drive

Based on the mystery novels of Harry Kemelman, this short-lived series was broadcast on a rotating basis on NBC’s Sunday Mystery Movie with episodes of McMillan and Wife, Columbo and McCloud.

Only four episodes of this particular series aired before the network cancelled the Sunday Mystery Movie.

In the pilot for the series, the Rabbi was played by Stuart Margolin who couldn’t continue with the series because of scheduling conflicts. Bruce Solomon was then cast to fill the role.

Police Chief Paul Lanigan
Art Carney
Rabbi David Small
Bruce Solomon
Kate Lanigan
Janis Paige
Miriam Small
Janet Margolin
Bobbie Whittaker
Barbara Carney
Police Lieutenant Osgood
Robert Doyle