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Lazarus Syndrome, The

1 9 7 9 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

In a medical crisis, anyone might exhibit the Lazarus Syndrome: a belief that doctors are godlike beings who can work miracles.

It’s a burden that cardiologist MacArthur “Mac” St. Clair (Louis Gossett Jr) doesn’t need.

He has his hands full with an overloaded schedule, a troubled marriage and the bullheaded Joe Hamill (Ronald Hunter), a tough reporter who suffers a coronary and a marital breakup.

Mac sees him through a stormy but successful recovery, the two men become friends, and Hamill agrees to sign on as administrative head of the hospital to help Mac fight creeping bureaucracy, megabucks medicine and inept practitioners.

Naturally, Hamill doesn’t intend to sit around shuffling papers.

Their relationship generated storms, scalpel suspense and sardonic repartee, all in the hope that their patients – not to mention their ratings – enjoyed rosy good health.

The six-part series debuted on ABC on 11 September 1979.

Dr MacArthur St. Clair
Louis Gossett Jr
Joe Hamill
Ronald Hunter