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Link Men, The

1 9 7 0 (Australia)
13 x 60 minute episodes

This crime drama series from TCN9 (Australia) presented detectives seconded from Sydney’s CIB (Criminal Investigation Branch) to investigate crimes throughout New South Wales and forge an efficient link with the various local regional police personnel around the state – hence “link men”.

The series was filmed in and around Sydney and starred British actor Bruce Montague as Sergeant Harry Sutton and Kevin Miles as Sergeant John Randall – an efficient, ruthless pair, dedicated to their work.

Also appearing were Tristan Rogers as Constable Ray Gamble and Max Meldrum as Detective Russell, a forensic expert.

Guest stars on the show included Peter Sumner, Carmen Duncan, Frank Thring, Mike Dorsey, Max Cullen, John Meillon, June Salter and Reg Livermore.

The Link Men was designed as Sydney’s answer to Melbourne cop shows Homicide and Division 4 but despite a big budget, it fared badly and received a lukewarm welcome from critics and viewers alike.

Detective Sergeant Harry Sutton
Bruce Montague
Detective Sergeant John Randall
Kevin Miles
Detective Constable Ray Gamble
Tristan Rogers
Detective Russell
Max Meldrum


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