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1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 2 (USA)
24 x 90 minute episodes

This ABC drama series featured Mike Longstreet (James Franciscus), an insurance investigator living in New Orleans, the capital of the southern US state of Louisiana.

His wife (Jeannette Nolan) was killed and he was blinded by a mysterious explosion in the courtyard of his home.

Shortly afterwards, Longstreet entered the Oakhurst Clinic, a rehabilitation centre for the blind.

With the assistance of Dr Dan Stockton (John McIntire) he improved his remaining senses, learned braille and returned to his old job, determined to track down the bombers.

Longstreet carried out his investigations with the help of his smarts, a white German Shepherd, a special cane, his friends, and self-defence instruction from martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who appeared in a handful of episodes.

Marlyn Mason co-starred as Nikki Bell, Mike’s braille instructor. Peter Mark Richman was his best friend Duke Paige.

Mike Longstreet 
James Franciscus
Nikki Bell
Marlyn Mason
Duke Paige
Peter Mark Richman