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Lost Islands, The

1 9 7 6 (Australia)
26 x 30 minute episodes

A group of five school children (Tony from Australia, Mark from America, David from England, Anna from Germany and Su Ying from China) are sailing onboard a ship called the United World as part of a study trip when they are shipwrecked in a typhoon and wash up on an uncharted Pacific island called Tambu.

The inhabitants of the island – ruled over by a 200-year-old tyrant called simply Q – have been out of touch with the world since the 1800s and know only the ways and manners of that time.

The arrival of the modern children frightens them, but the kids live happily, running their own affairs with only the occasional minor irritation of Q’s pirates to deal with.

Made in Australia by the 0-10 network with Paramount TV, and filmed just north of Sydney (NSW), the series was a modest hit domestically but enjoyed great success overseas.


There once was a wealthy man with a wonderful idea
To bring children from all places
With all kinds of faces
Together in a sailing ship
there were 40 boys and girls
They would sail the ship around the globe
so they called it the United World

The ship was just three weeks from shore
When a hurricane poured down
The waves were big as mountains
They felt they would surely drown
They jumped into a lifeboat
And rowed away from the wreck
They didn’t count them
They hadn’t time
Five children were left behind

The children fought the storm all night
They finally fell asleep
They didn’t realize the ship had blown across the reef
Into the lost islands

Hiding in the bushes were a watchful pair of eyes
And living in the valley were people lost in time
Ruled over by a tyrant whose face was in a mask
The children must defeat him
So they can escape at last
From the lost islands . . .

Rodney Bell
Mrs Quinn
Cornelia Frances
Jane Vallis
Chris Benaud
Su Ying
Amanda Ma
Robert Edgington
Tony Hughes
Willie Fennell
Rufus Quad
Ric Hutton
Frank Gallacher
Ron Blanchard
Helen Quinn
Margaret Nelson
Ron Hadrick