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Love Among the Artists

1 9 7 9 (UK)
5 x 60 minute episodes

Musician and composer Owen Jack (John Stride) arrives at the home of Mary Sutherland (Geraldine James) in order to teach her young brother music. He also sets about training Madge Brailsford (Jane Carr) for the stage.

This five-part serial was produced by Granada Television and adapted from a novel by Bernard Shaw providing a witty look at society in Victorian London.

Owen Jack
John Stride
Mary Sutherland
Geraldine James
Adrian Herbert
Martyn Jacobs
Madge Brailsford
Jane Carr
Polly Simpson
Denise Coffey
Mrs Herbert
Judy Campbell
Mrs Beatty
Mary Wimbush
Letty Cairns
Joanna Dunham
Mr Brailsford
John Horsley
Colonel Beatty
Leonard Kavanagh
Mr Sutherland
Michael Barrington
Charlie Sutherland
Frederick Alexander
Lady Geraldine Porter
Joan Greenwood
Mrs Phipson
Helen Lindsay
John Hoskyn
Gary Watson


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