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Love Thy Neighbor

1 9 7 3 (USA)
12 x 30 minute episodes

This American sitcom was based upon the long-running British TV series of the same name.

The action took place on Friar Tuck Lane in the Sherwood Forest Estates in California’s San Fernando Valley.

What had long been a very Caucasian blue-collar neighbourhood was suddenly integrated by an African American couple named Ferguson (Harrison Page) and Jackie Bruce (Janet MacLachlan).

Living right next door were white couple Charlie (Ron Masak) and Peggy (Joyce Bulifant) Wilson (pictured at right).

Charlie worked at Turner Electronics (where he was also Shop Steward). Coincidentally, his new neighbour, Ferguson, was also newly employed there as an efficiency expert.

Also employed at Turner was Murray Bronson, played by stand-up comic Milt Kamen. The boss, Roger Turner, was played by John Fink.

Episodes focused upon how the Fergusons and Wilsons adjusted to this wholly new territory in race relations.

The Love Thy Neighbor theme song was sung by soul music legend Solomon Burke.

Charlie Wilson
Ron Masak
Peggy Wilson
Joyce Bulifant
Ferguson Bruce
Harrison Page
Jackie Bruce
Janet MacLachlan
Murray Bronson
Milt Kamen
Roger Turner
John Fink