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MacKenzies of Paradise Cove, The

1 9 7 9 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

When Frank and Laura MacKenzie are killed in a tragic sailing accident, their five children – Bridget (Lory Walsh), Kevin (Shawn Stevens), Celia (Randi Kiger), Michael (Sean Marshall) and Timothy (Keith Coogan) – become orphans.

When the authorities threaten to split up the family by sending the children to orphanages, the MacKenzie children convince crusty free-spirited local fisherman Cuda Weber (Clu Gulager) to pretend to be their ‘Uncle Willie’ so the Child Welfare Department will allow them to remain together in their home on Paradise Cove in Hawaii.

Episodes follow the adventures of the children as they struggle to remain together as a family.

17-year-old Bridget (who Cuda calls ‘Missy’) is the oldest daughter and had a job as a model for Pippa’s Fashions but quit when she was asked to wear a string bikini and didn’t want “to let it all hang out”. She later held a job as a cocktail waitress at O’Toole’s but was let go when it was discovered she was underage.

Celia and Michael started a fruit punch business but were busted by the police when it was discovered that they had spiked the punch with liquor. Unaware of what liquor actually was, nine-year-old Celia had used it to give the punch some flavour. They were fined $150.

6-year-old Timothy (who Cuda calls ‘Champ’) is the youngest MacKenzie and believes that Cuda really is his Uncle Willie.

Cuda owns a boat called the Viking and lives in a cabin by the sea at Oahu. His favourite hangout is Flora’s Pool Hall (Ethel Azama plays Flora). Big Ben Kalikini (Moe Keale) and Barney (Harry Chang) are Cuda’s friends.

Cuda Weber
Clu Gulager
Bridget Mackenzie
Lory Walsh
Kevin Mackenzie
Shawn Stevens
Michael Mackenzie
Sean Marshall
Celia Mackenzie
Randi Kiger
Timothy Mackenzie
Keith Coogan
Big Ben Kalikini 
Moe Keale
Harry Chang
Ethel Azama


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