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Magic Mongo

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (USA)
16 x 30 minute episodes

Wacky adventures of three teens – Donald (Paul Hinckley), Lorraine (Helaine Lembeck), and Kristy (Robin Dearden) – and their friend Mongo (Lennie Weinrib), a genie who was found by Donald in a magic bottle at the beach.

The various adventures revolved around Mongo using his powers to get the gang in (unintentionally) and out of trouble. Intentional trouble was provided by two hooligans called Ace (Bart Braverman) and Duncey (Larry Larsen).

Lennie Weinrib was very active in children’s television, both in front of and behind the camera.

Besides providing the voice for HR Pufnstuf, he also co-wrote all of the episodes of the series.

He also provided the voice of Knock-Knock the woodpecker, on Skatebirds.

Lennie Weinrib 

Paul Hinckley 

Helaine Lembeck 

Robin Dearden 

Bart Braverman 

Larry Larsen


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