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Man Called Sloane, A

1 9 7 9 – 1 9 8 0 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

Thomas Remington Sloane III (Robert Conrad) was the top agent for UNIT, an American counter-intelligence team committed to destroying the international criminal organisation KARTEL.

Suave, romantic and brilliant, Sloane travelled all over the world to thwart the plans of his sworn enemies. With him was his trusted aide, Torque (Ji-Tu Cumbuka) – a six-foot-five-inch bald agent with a stainless steel hand that could be adapted to use a myriad of detachable gadgets.


UNIT headquarters was located behind a toy shop and was run by The Director (Oscar-winning Irish actor Dan O’Herlihy), whose only accountability was to the President.

At headquarters was a special lab that provided Sloane and Torque with all kinds of devices to help them in emergencies. Lab assistant Kelly (Karen Purcill), who usually demonstrated the latest devices, occasionally got involved with them on missions.

Also at headquarters was the E.F.I. series 3000 multifunction computer (“Effie”) that assimilated data and gave its readouts not in print, but over a loudspeaker in a very sexy, feminine voice.

This was the final series made by Quinn Martin Productions. Unfortunately, the show couldn’t decide whether it was a spoof or serious – and failed on both counts.

Thomas Remington Sloane III
Robert Conrad
Ji-Tu Cumbuka
The Director
Dan O’Herlihy
Karen Purcill
Effie (Voice Only)
Michele Carey