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1 9 7 2 (UK)
6 x 25 minute episodes

Wheelchair-bound Kate (Carol Hazell), brother Duncan (Adrian Shergold) and Kate’s friend Samantha (Jane Anthony) discover seven strange men in a local scrapyard. It transpires that ‘The Group’ are revolutionaries who have travelled back in time from the year 2600 in an attempt to engineer the defeat of their enemies, the Galas.

Levin (Christopher Owen), the group leader, takes hostage the mind of Samantha’s dog, Radnor – a black and white Collie cross – and uses this to coerce the children into saying nothing about their presence. In exchange, Levin places the mind of one of his people, Justin (Sebastian Graham-Jones), into Radnor’s body.

The Galas soon follow The Group through time and the children’s hometown becomes the setting for a power struggle between the two groups from the future in which Radnor will play an essential role.

Mandog was filmed entirely on location in and around Southampton in the summer of 1971. The production was amateurish, roughly shot and edited all on film.

Carol Hazell
Sammy (Samantha)
Jane Anthony
Adrian Shergold
Christopher Owen
Sebastian Graham-Jones
Ian Sharp
Jonathan Hardy
Roy Boyd
Gala One
Derek Martin
Mr Morris
John Rapley


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