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Matlock Police

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 5 (Australia)
228 x 50 minute episodes

Undeterred by the failure of The Long Arm, Australia’s Channel Ten commissioned this series from Crawford Productions – who had already enjoyed considerable success with their other cop dramas, Homicide and Division 4.

Matlock Police followed the adventures of the police station in the small (but seemingly crime-ridden) country town of Matlock in the Australian state of Victoria, population 10,200.

Debuting on 25 February 1971 Matlock Police was filmed in black and white (from episodes 1 to 199) and then in colour (for episodes 200 – 228).

The series focused on four main characters – Sgt Bert Kennedy (Vic Gordon), who was in charge of the station having been there for seven years, Detective Allan Curtis (Grigor Taylor), a city boy who resented his country posting, Detective Sergeant Vic Madden (Michael Pate), a veteran of the Korean War, and Senior Constable Gary Hogan (Paul Cronin), a motorcycle-riding highway patrolman.

Matlock Police spawned the spin-off series Solo One about a motorcycle policeman (Paul Cronin again) also stationed in a small country town.

Tragedy visited the set of Matlock Police in August 1971 when a cameraman was killed while filming a high-speed car chase sequence.


Colin Enor, 21, died instantly when a car driven by actor Grigor Taylor skidded on gravel and pinned him against an embankment. Actor Michael Pate was also in the car.

Snr Constable Gary Hogan 
Paul Cronin
Sgt Bert Kennedy 

Vic Gordon
Det Sgt Vic Madden 

Michael Pate
Det Sgt Jack Maloney
Peter Gwynne
Snr Constable Steve York
Tom Richards
Detective Allan Curtis
Grigor Taylor
Constable Irene Bishop
Sue Donovan