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McDuff The Talking Dog

1 9 7 6 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

McDuff, the 100-year-old ghost of an old English sheepdog, lived in and haunted the home of misadventure-prone veterinarian Dr Calvin Cambell (Walter Willison) in the small mid-western town of Peach Blossom.


Also living in the home were Calvin’s little sister Kimmy (Michelle Stacy) and Mrs Osgood (Monty Margetts), the housekeeper.

Amos Ferguson (Gordon Jump) was the Cambell’s neighbour and Squeaky (Johnnie Collins III) was his young nephew.

Besides being able to talk to other animals (via the voice of Jack Lester) McDuff could also talk to Calvin. However, Calvin was the only human who could hear McDuff – which led to a variety of wacky situations.

This Saturday morning kids sitcom aired on NBC between 11 September and 20 November 1976.

Jack Lester (voice)
Dr Calvin Campbell

Walter Willison
Kimmy Campbell

Michelle Stacy
Amos Ferguson

Gordon Jump

Johnnie Collins III
Mrs Osgood

Monty Margetts