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Metal Mickey

1 9 7 9 – 1 9 8 1 (UK)

This children’s comedy series about a household in which the most intelligent resident was a robot starred the incomparable Irene Handl.

Invented by boy scientist Ken Wilberforce (Ashley Knight) to help out around the home, Metal Mickey brought nothing but chaos to Ken’s family; Father Mr Wilberforce (Michael Stainton), mother Marjorie (Georgina Melville), brother Steve (Gary Shail), sister Haley (Lucinda Bateson), and Gran (Handl).

Janey (Lola Young), the girl next door, joined in the fun.


A five-foot tall magical robot in the R2D2 vein, Mickey spouted the catchphrase “Boogie, Boogie” and turned the household upside down with his space-age antics, which included trips to the future, teleportation and conversations with aliens.

There were also more mundane happenings, like Mickey trying to become a pop star or getting kidnapped.

The show was produced by former star of The Monkees, Mickey Dolenz.

Ken Wilberforce
Ashley Knight
Mr Wilberforce
Michael Stainton
Mrs Marjorie Wilberforce
Georgina Melville
Irene Handl
Steve Wilberforce
Gary Shail
Haley Wilberforce
Lucinda Bateson
Lola Young