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Midnight Is a Place

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 8 (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Orphaned Lucas Bell (Simon Gipps-Kent) lives at run-down Midnight Court with his erratic drunken guardian, Sir Randolph Grimsby (William Squire).

His tutor, Oakapple (David Collings), takes him to Midnight Mill, which Sir Randolph owns. There Lucas gains an insight into the appalling conditions suffered by the working class.

Lucas is bored and longs for a friend but doesn’t get quite what he hoped for when French girl Anne-Marie (Maxine Gordon) comes to stay at the Court.

When Randolph sets fire to the mansion killing himself and seriously injuring Oakapple, the two children pool their resources to find work and shelter. Lucas ends up labouring in the sewers and Anne-Marie collects cigarette butts from the street.

When the two children decide to move into the Ice House that stands next to the ruins of Midnight Court, they meet Lady Murgatroyd (Lally Bowers) whose past is intertwined with that of Oakapple.

Anne-Marie starts working at Midnight Mil, where she encounters the menacing Bludward (Milton Johns).

Can the two children survive in such dangerous environments? How will they find out Randolph’s secret? If they do find out, will it bring about a change in fortune?

Lucas Bell
Simon Gipps-Kent
Julian Oakapple
David Collings
Anne Marie
Maxine Gordon
Gabriel Towzer
Erik Chitty
Sir Randolph Grimsby
William Squire
Lady Murgatroyd
Lally Bowers
Bob Bludward
Milton Johns