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Monster Squad

1 9 7 6 – 1 9 7 7 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

monstersquad0Walt (Fred Grandy) was a college student majoring in criminology. To help pay for college, he took a job working part-time as a night watchman in Fred’s Wax Museum.

While tinkering with his fantastically advanced home-made ‘crime computer’ one night, he managed to bring the wax statues of Count Dracula (Henry Polic II), Wolfman Bruce W Wolf (Buck Kartalian) and Frank N. Stein (Michael Lane) to life.

The monsters then used their unique skills to help Walt solve crimes and mysteries. With Walt operating out of the Chamber of Horrors, the trio was frequently dispatched in a black van to combat evil-doers around the city.

The one-season Saturday morning series was developed by Stanley Ralph Ross, one of the key writers of the Batman series and had a similar campy style and a rogues gallery of celebrity villains, including Julie Newmar as Ultra Witch and Jonathan Harris as The Astrologer.

Fred Grandy would go on to bigger and better things as Gopher in The Love Boat.

monstersquad2 monstersquad3

Fred Grandy 
Count Dracula 

Henry Polic II 
Bruce W. Wolf 

Buck Kartalian 
Frank N. Stein 

Michael Lane