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Moonbase 3

1 9 7 3 (UK)
6 x 50 minute episodes

In the 21st century, representatives of many of the world’s governments live in bases on the moon.

Against the backdrop of political tensions both on Earth and on the Moon – coping with insufficiently meagre budgets and non-stop technical and psychological problems – the large cast of characters led by scientific troubleshooter and new European Moonbase director Dr David Caulder (Donald Houston) and his deputy Michel Lebrun (Ralph Bates) struggled to live and work in the hostile environment which marked the then farthest outpost of the final frontier.

Fiona Grant played base psychiatrist Dr Helen Smith and Barry Lowe was astronaut Tom Hill who managed much of the base’s maintenance and operations as well.

Supporting characters included the Director-General of the European Space Program (Peter Bathurst), Ingrid (Christine Bradwell), Rao (Madhav Sharma) and Bruno Ponti (Garrick Hagon).

The BBC series was doomed to a run of a mere six episodes rather than the intended thirteen.

With hindsight, the reason for the show’s failure can be laid squarely with the lack of genuine dramatic tension in the majority of the stories.

Dr David Caulder
Donald Houston
Dr Michel Lebrun
Ralph Bates
Dr Helen Smith
Fiona Gaunt
Tom Hill
Barry Lowe
Christine Bradwell
Madhav Sharma
Bruno Ponti
Garrick Hagon
Director General
Peter Bathurst