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And Mother Makes Three

1 9 7 1 – 1 9 7 3 (UK)
26 x 30 minute episodes
1 x Christmas special

An ITV version of the comedy premise that scored award-winning success in the BBC sitcom Not In Front Of The Children with the much-underrated actress Wendy Craig starring again as a somewhat scatter-brained, harassed mother in a series of domestic dilemmas.

Craig played the role of Sally Harrison, a widow faced with the everyday tribulations of raising well-meaning but nonetheless troublesome sons, Simon (Robin Davies) and Peter (David Parfitt). Sally was helped by her auntie (Valerie Lush) and enjoyed some occasional male interest while holding down a job as assistant to vet, Mr Campbell (George Selway).

mothermakes3_066  mothermakes3_037

Sally married father-of-one widower and antiquarian bookseller David Redway in the final series, leading to the sequel And Mother Makes Five.

The domestic scope of the new series was much the same, with Sally as harassed as before and the children growing older but remaining as wholesomely brattish as before.

Sally Harrison 
Wendy Craig
Simon Harrison 

Robin Davies 
Peter Harrison 

David Parfitt 
Auntie Flo 

Valerie Lush 
Mr Campbell 

George Selway
David Redway  

Richard Coleman
Jane Redway 

Miriam Mann
Mrs Redway 

Lally Bowers
Sally’s Mum 

Gwen Nelson
Sally’s Dad 

Keith Marsh


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