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17 x 60 minute episodes

Moynihan was a trade union drama series made in New Zealand as a co-production between NZTV and the Australian ABC.


Leo Moynihan (Ian Mune) had been secretary of the Central Carpenters Union in Wellington for seven years and the stories revolved around his professional, political and domestic life.

He was divorced, had a son of 14, got about in an orange Mini and was involved with Sarah Kemp (Sheila Hammond) – a university lecturer in Industrial Relations.

Within the CCU, Moynihan was regarded by the left-wing, represented by union president Jack Shaw (Walt Brown), as having sold out to the capitalists.

Among the cast of local well-knowns were two from overseas – Ray Barrett and Stratford Johns.

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Leo Moynihan
Ian Mune
Sarah Kemp
Sheila Hammond
Jack Shaw
Walt Brown