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Mulligan’s Stew

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7 x 60 minute episodes

High school teacher/football coach Michael Mulligan (Lawrence Pressman) and his consulting nurse wife Jane (Elinor Donahue) struggled to raise three children – 15-year-old Mark (Johnny Doran), 10-year-old Jimmy (K.C. Martel) and 12-year-old Melinda (Julie Anne Haddock) – on his teacher’s salary in the (fictional) town of Birchfield, California.

They became a blended family when they took in their four recently orphaned nieces and nephews after Mike’s sister Kathy and brother-in-law Steve died in a plane crash.

The new additions were nine-year-old Adam “Moose” Friedman (Christopher Ciampa); 14-year-old Stevie (Suzanne Crough); Polaris aka Polly (Lory Walsh) and eight-year-old Kimmy Nguyen Friedman (Sunshine Lee) – a Vietnamese orphan whom the Friedman’s had adopted.

The Mulligans lived in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house at 1202 Circle Drive. Melinda, Stevie and Kimmy shared a room; Mark, Adam and Jimmy also shared a room; the den had been converted into a bedroom for Polly, and Mike and Jane had the master bedroom.


Learning to accept each other’s differences was the main theme of the series which debuted on NBC on 25 October 1977. It ran for only seven episodes.

Michael Mulligan
Lawrence Pressman
Jane Mulligan
Elinor Donahue
Mark Mulligan
Johnny Doran
Jimmy Mulligan
K.C. Martel
Melinda Mulligan
Julie Anne Haddock
Adam ‘Moose’ Freedman
Christopher Ciampa
Stevie Freedman
Suzanne Crough
Polaris ‘Polly’ Freedman
Lory Walsh
Kimmy Nguyen Freedman
Sunshine Lee