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Nancy Walker Show, The

1 9 7 6 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Nancy Walker portrayed Nancy Kitteridge, who ran a highly successful talent agency from her luxurious apartment ten months of the year.

The other two months were always spent with her husband, Kenneth (William Daniels) when he returned from active duty as a Lieutenant Commander in the navy.

Nancy had been following this routine through 29 years of marriage – but then suddenly her whole world was turned upside-down when Kenneth announced his retirement from the service.

He was now home to stay and wanted her to dissolve the business she loved. He was also unhappy about her gay roommate Terry Folson (Ken Olfson) – one of the first recurring gay characters on TV.

Visiting on a regular basis was the Kitteridge’s sad-sack hypochondriac daughter, Lorraine (Beverly Archer), whose first words were invariably an exasperated “Hello mother”.

Other regular characters included Nancy’s son-in-law Glen (James Cromwell), TV executive Teddy Futterman (William Schallert), and Teddy’s obnoxious six-year-old son Michael (Sparky Marcus).

Only a few weeks after the demise of The Nancy Walker Show Nancy had a new sitcom on ABC called Blansky’s Beauties, which also failed to catch on.

Nancy Kitteridge
Nancy Walker
Kenneth Kitteridge
William Daniels
Terry Folson
Ken Olfson
Beverly Archer
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