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Never Say Die

1 9 7 0 (UK)
6 x 25 minute episodes

This Yorkshire Television comedy was set in the Emmott Robinson Ward of the Victoria Memorial Hospital and stories revolved around the “inmates”, Mr Hebden (Reginald Marsh), Mr Oliphant (Patrick Newell), Mr Finucane (Noel Purcell), Mr Bridge (Larry Noble), Corker (Teddy Green) and Albert (Wilfrid Brambell).

The staff included plump, balding Sister Ringstead (Ken Parry), Nurse Whitethroat (Mary Healey) and Poniatowski (Hugh Walters).

Never Say Die debuted on Tuesday 4 August 1970 – with an episode which featured the battering to bits of a patient encased in plaster (who turned out to be a cake!) – and ran for six weeks, with the final episode broadcast on 8 September.

Mr Hebden
Reginald Marsh
Mr Oliphant
Patrick Newell
Mr Finucane
Noel Purcell
Mr Bridge
Larry Noble
Teddy Green
Wilfrid Brambell
Sister Ringstead
Ken Parry
Nurse Whitethroat
Mary Healey
Hugh Walters
Sister Brooding
Joan Sanderson


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