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New Andy Griffith Show, The

1 9 7 1 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

This show replaced Headmaster which lasted only 13 weeks. This replacement lasted even less time.

Instead of being a sheriff (as in the original Andy Griffith Show), here Andy was the ‘mayor pro tem’ filling in for the mayor of Greenwood (population 12,785, elevation 475 feet) who had abruptly decided to retire.

Andy and the rest of the Sawyer family packed up their big blue station wagon and left Raleigh, North Carolina, so Andy could take this job in his hometown (he had previously been working for the government at the state capital).

Andy had a wife named Lee (Lee Meriwether) and two young children – a boy named TJ (Marty McCall) and a girl named Lori (Lori Rutherford).

Lee’s older sister, a gloomy, gossipy hypochondriac named Nora (Ann Morgan Guilbert) also lived with the Sawyers. She worked as the receptionist for a local doctor in Greenwood and freely discussed very personal patient ailments at the dinner table.

Other characters included rotund town councillor Buff MacKnight (Glen Ash), his girlfriend Verline (Susan Davis), and Violet Gossage (Ruth McDevitt), the eldest member of the Greenwood town council.

Andy Sawyer
Andy Griffith
Lee Sawyer
Lee Meriwether
TJ Sawyer
Marty McCall
Lori Sawyer
Lori Rutherford
Nora Sawyer
Ann Morgan Guilbert
Buff MacKnight
Glen Ash
Susan Davis
Violet Gossage
Ruth McDevitt