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New Kind of Family, A

1 9 7 9 – 1 9 8 0 (USA)
11 x 30 minute episodes

Two single mothers – widow Kit Flanagan (Eileen Brennan) and divorcee Abby Stone (Gwynne Gilford) – rent the same Los Angeles house, sight unseen, from an unscrupulous real estate agent.

Realising they have been duped, and with their money gone and no place else to go, they reluctantly agree to move in together with their total of four children (and a dog named Heinz).

The children (three for Kit, one for Abby) quickly become friends.

Their neighbour and landlord, Harold Zimmerman, was played by Chuck McCann.

A New Kind Of Family featured a very young Rob Lowe as 15-year-old Tony Flanagan. Lauri Hendler (who played his younger sister, Hillary) recalls; “The girls in our taping audience went wild over Rob. There were actual shrieks when he came out. I hadn’t yet discovered boys, so I didn’t know what all the fuss was about.”

The show premiered on 16 September 1979 but was not successful. Only 11 episodes were made.

Kit Flanagan
Eileen Brennan
Hillary Flanagan
Lauri Hendler
Andy Flanagan
David Hollander
Tony Flanagan
Rob Lowe
Abby Stone
Gwynne Gilford
Jill Stone
Connie Ann Hearn
Harold Zimmerman
Chuck McCann


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