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Nice Day at the Office, A

1 9 7 2 (Australia)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This Australian comedy series in seven half-hour episodes presented life in the Central Files office of a large government department and starred Neil Fitzpatrick and Rod McLennan as public servants Ted Harvey and Sean Crisp.

Harvey was a career public servant who followed every rule in the book, while Crisp was impetuous and irreverent. Their differing personalities led to clashes and petty ways of annoying each other.

The head of the department was Claude Fogarty (Gordon McDougall). Other supporting characters included office secretary Vicki Short (Fay Kelton) and tea lady Mrs Quiggley (Maggie Dence).

The series was developed from a story that appeared on the ABC’s Comedy Game (a 1971 anthology series of one-off comedy shows based on the UK’s Comedy Playhouse series). The other successful series spawned by Comedy Game was The Aunty Jack Show.

Sean Crisp
Rod McLennan
Ted Harvey
Neil Fitzpatrick
Claude Fogarty
Gordon McDougall
Vicki Short
Fay Kelton
Mrs Quiggley
Maggie Dence


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