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Nightingale’s Boys

1 9 7 5 (UK)
7 x 60 minute episodes

Derek Farr starred in Nightingale’s Boys, a seven-part ITV series about Bill “Tweety” Nightingale, an elderly teacher who set out to discover what had become of some of the pupils from his sixth form class of 1949 – including “Izzy”, Big Sid and A.J.

One’s now a governor, another a leading local tycoon, and one is in the army though no one can think why.

The last of ‘Nightingale’s boys’ he meets up with is his own son, David (Alec Sabin) which also precipitates a meeting with his estranged wife Agnes (Barbara Lott)

Bill “Tweety” Nightingale
Derek Farr
Pauline Yates
Nick Selby
Terry Gilligan
Bonzo Matthews
Stephen Truelove
Cyril “Izzy” Coutts
Anton Rodgers
Sid Taylor
Ronald Lewis
David “Flossie” Fryer
David Swift
Harry Selby
Bernard Gallagher
Clare Selby
Anne Reid
Trevor Selby
Gerrard Ryder
Nick Selby
Terry Gilligan
Major Alistair James (A.J.) Cartwright
John Carson
Alec Sabin
Barbara Lott
Bernard Brown
Hal Crowther
Michael Hawkins


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