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Noah and Nelly in SkylArk

1 9 7 6  (UK)
30 x 5 minute episodes

All aboard the SkylArk!  All aboard the SkylArk! 

Captain Noah and his wife Nelly were the custodians of a strange menagerie of animals who travelled in the SkylArk – a double-headed vessel capable of travelling on (and under) the sea, on land and through the air (hanging on strings under a big balloon).


Every animal onboard – Humphrey the pigs, Brian the lions, Cyril the tigers, Ahmed the camels, Rose the elephants, Cedric the crocodiles, Maureen the giraffes, Mildred the geese, George the rhinos, William the hippos, Ronald the gorillas and Cynthia the snakes – had two heads (one optimistic and one pessimistic), neither of which ever agreed with their opposite head.

Together, they voyaged to surreal places such as Cuckooland, Jokesville, the Reservoir Desert, Clockwork Canyon and Televisionland, with Nelly always knitting them out of trouble whenever problems arose.


The BBC show – a cross between Noah’s Ark, Doctor Dolittle, and a Yellow Submarine-style acid trip – was narrated by Richard Briers and came from the same team who created and produced Roobarb.

Briers provided many of the voices along with Peter Hawkins (former voice star of Captain Pugwash).

Richard Briers
Richard Briers
Peter Hawkins
Richard Briers
Peter Hawkins


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