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Nuts and Bones

1 9 7 2 (UK)
26 x 10 minute episodes

This kids puppet show from Yorkshire TV debuted on 30 March 1972 and aired through until 21 September.

Among the teacakes and toffee of the Nuthouse Cafe, the proprietor, Nutty Nutcracker (a real Macaw) and his canine customer, Professor Bones (a real dog), tried – between arguments – to watch their favourite (puppet) artists on the television, including Tom Cat Jones (pictured at right), Percy the Pianist, Bertie and Bessie Buzzard, Millie the Poodle, and The Skeleton.

The scripts were by Garry Chambers and the puppetry was courtesy of Roger Stevenson and Frank and Maisie Mumford. Nutty and the Professor were trained by ‘Saveen’.

Jess Yates was the Executive Producer. The concept was continued in The Laughing Policeman (1974 – 1976) with Derek Guyler.