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Oh Father!

1 9 7 3 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

The late, great Derek Nimmo reprised his role from the 1968 – 1970 series, Oh Brother!. Father Dominic (now a priest but as accident-prone as ever) has now left Mountacres Priory and is working as curate to Father Harris and continues to cause problems for everyone around him.

Felix Aylmer and Derek Francis reappeared as their Oh Brother! characters in a couple of episodes, but there was no doubting that the format had run its course, and finally, Nimmo’s meteoric rise through the ecclesiastical hierarchy was ended.

A pity really, because he may have gone all the way – becoming a deity in an ultimate series of Oh God!

Capitalising on his continuing popularity, Nimmo fronted another long-running chat show, Just A Nimmo, in which he and his guest (and the studio audience) light-heartedly discussed a number of topics.

The series opened on BBC2 on 11 February 1974, and 28 editions aired before it bowed out on 27 March 1978.

Father Dominic 
Derek Nimmo
Father Harris 

Laurence Naismith
Father Matthew 

Derek Francis