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Omega Factor, The

1 9 7 9 (UK)
10 x 50 minute episodes

Tom Crane (James Hazeldine) is a newspaper journalist with a high level of psychic powers who is secretly a member of Department 7, a branch of the British government which investigates paranormal incidents and crimes.


Led by department head Andrew Scott-Erskine (Brown Derby), the Department 7 team also includes Dr Roy Martindale (John Carlisle), Dr Anne Reynolds (Louise Jameson), medium Mrs Coleman (Sheila Latimer), Morag (Natasha Gerson) and Paul (Jack D’Arcy) – who is also assisted by The Mysterious Spirit (who only appears to him)

Tom’s family include his wife Julia (Joanna Tope), and his brother Michael (Nicholas Coppin). Rogue psychic Edward Drexel (Cyril Luckham) is an enemy of Department 7.

Tom Crane
James Hazeldine
Dr Anne Reynolds
Louise Jameson
Dr Roy Martindale
John Carlisle
Andrew Scott-Erskine
Brown Derby
Natasha Gerson
Jack D’Arcy
Julia Crane
Joanna Tope
Michael Crane
Nicholas Coppin
Mrs Coleman
Sheila Latimer
Edward Drexel
Cyril Luckham
Spirit voices
Sheila Duffy