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On Our Own

1 9 7 7 (USA)
22 x 30 minute episodes

Tall, skinny Catholic girl Maria Bonino (Lynnie Greene) and her short, chirpy Protestant friend Julia Peters (Bess Armstrong) were two secretaries in the high-powered Bedford Advertising Agency at 605 Madison Avenue in New York City who found themselves promoted to art director and copywriter.

They came up with campaigns for products such as “Halt, the new 39-hour deodorant with Prypomorphylene – it’s what the astronauts used to keep dry.”


J.M. Bedford (Bob Randall) was the – heard but never seen – chairman of the board; Toni McBain (Gretchen Wyler) the President who carried her little dog (‘Flotsam’) with her everywhere; April Baxter (Dixie Carter) a sexy sultry copywriter; Eddie Barnes (John Christopher Jones) a TV commercial producer, and Craig Boatwright (Dan Resin) was a salesman who was always telling lengthy dirty jokes to anyone within earshot.

Maria and Julia also had to deal with the problem of being single in New York City in what was essentially Laverne and Shirley in a different city with no brewery.

Julia lived at 345 East 45th Street and Maria at 62 West 72nd Street. Julia’s landlord, Mr Fibelman (Larry Best), who recited old sayings for every situation that cropped up, appeared in several episodes as well.

Julia Peters
Bess Armstrong
Maria Teresa Bonino
Lynnie Greene
Toni McBain
Gretchen Wyler
April Baxter
Dixie Carter
Craig Boatwright
Dan Resin
Eddie Barnes
John Christopher Jones
J.M. Bedford
Bob Randall