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Operation: Runaway (The Runaways)

1 9 7 8 – 1 9 7 9 (USA)
17 x 60 minute episodes

David McKay (former Mr Brady, Robert Reed) was a former vice squad detective who was now a private practice psychiatrist. He taught psychology at Westwood University in Los Angeles and was devoted to helping runaway children and teenagers in trouble – a habit he picked up from his days on the force.

Debuting in April 1978, the Quinn Martin Production related David’s efforts to track down the runaways.

Regular characters included student counsellor at Westwood, Kate Wingate (Karen Machon); David’s assistant Mark Johnson (Michael Biehn); and Susan (Ruth Cox), David’s ward.

The relationship between Robert Reed and Quinn Martin productions ended suddenly and acrimoniously three months later when Reed suddenly received a telegram advising he had been axed from the series.

Reed-lookalike Alan Feinstein was introduced as Steve Arizzio and the show was retitled The Runaways with the focus less on psychology and more on traditional cops and robbers action.

Dr David McKay
Robert Reed
Kate Wingate
Karen Machon
Mark Johnson
Michael Biehn
Susan Donovan
Ruth Cox
Steve Arizzio
Alan Feinstein
Sergeant Hal Grady
James T. Callahan