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Organization, The

1 9 7 1 (UK)
7 x 60 minute episodes

This Yorkshire Television production featured a multi-million pound, multi-interest corporation called the Greatrick Corporation. Working at its headquarters were people who hated its power, loved it and suffered it.

The series starred Donald Sinden, Anton Rodgers, Peter Egan, Jill Melford, Elaine Taylor, Bernard Hepton and Norman Bird and explored how “the organization” used the men and women it employed.

Wannabe young executive Richard Pershore (Peter Egan) took a job at Greatrick and the series followed him each week as he moved up the corporate ladder of The Organization.

Along the way, he encountered many corporate stereotypes – the downtrodden PR man, the female exec who was sleeping with the Chairman, and the guy who – to the annoyance of everyone else – simply wouldn’t retire (as well as the secretary who knew where all the skeletons were hidden).

Richard Pershore
Peter Egan
Peter Frame
Anton Rodgers
David Pulman
Donald Sinden
Elaine Taylor
Rodney Spurling
Bernard Hepton
Eve Manship
Jill Melford
Beth Morris
Gretchen Franklin
Jo Kendall
Johnny Watt
Jon Laurimore