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Our Man in the Company

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (Australia)
15 x 30 minute episodes

This comedy series from the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) started life in December 1971 as a pilot called Our Man in Canberra which followed newly-elected MP Humphrey Sullivan (Jeff Ashby) as he muddled his way through his new role in parliament.

The series was due to air in June 1972 but production was halted just weeks beforehand due to an alleged breach of the Australian Broadcasting and Television Act that prohibited dramatisation “of any political matter which is current or was current at any time during the last five preceding years”.

Many were suspicious that the real reason was government pressure on the national broadcaster from those who thought the show’s political satire hit too close to the mark.

The show was scrapped – until a federal election in December 1972 saw a change of power in government and fresh support from the new Commissioner on the ABC Boartd.

Sullivan and his activities were then translated to the world of big business, although only a very thin veil disguised the roots of its satire. The cast was the same and several of the scripts were adapted and reused.

Humphrey Sullivan was now a newly-appointed company executive in the exports department of a large corporation. Katy Wilde was his wife, Kate, and Delore Whiteman was his housekeeper, Mrs Wheeler. Walter Sullivan played the Company Director with Benita Collings as his secretary.

Humphrey Sullivan
Jeff Ashby
Kate Sullivan
Katy Wild
The Director
Walter Sullivan
Mrs Ena Wheeler
Delore Whiteman
Benita Collings
Anthony Ingersent
Men in Pub
Graham Rouse
Lex Mitchell


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