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Out of Bounds

1 9 7 7 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Terry (Melvin McClymont) and Helen (Barbara Slater, an Olympic-standard gymnast in real life) are two promising young gymnasts who have their training for the county trials abruptly interrupted the day Terry receives an unexpected birthday gift of a watch.

It transpires that the gift is stolen property – Terry’s brother Pete (Kim Smith) is involved in shady goings-on up to his neck.

When Terry and Helen try to investigate why Pete is being blackmailed by a gang of local thugs and attempt to find the whereabouts of a stolen gun, Len Morgan’s (John Price) gym is vandalised as a warning to the young amateur detectives.

This fairly obscure BBC drama benefitted from stunts and action and the expertise of Nik Stuart MBE as gymnastics adviser.

Terry Ashmoore
Melvin McClymont
Helen Parkin
Barbara Slater
Pete Ashmoore
Kim Smith
Len Morgan
John Price
Gaynor Ward
Chuck Harvey
Barrie Houghton
Rod Miller
Christopher Cregan
Ginge Smith
Nigel Jeffcoat
Mr Robson
Frank Mills
Det. Sgt. Green
Michael Cronin
Mrs Ashmoore
Marjie Lawrence
Dr Parkin
John Line
Mrs Parkin
Amanda Walker
Alec Riley
Brian Miller
Mr Wilkins
Arthur Griffiths