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Out of the Blue

1 9 7 9 (USA)
9 x 30 minute episodes

An ill-fated attempt by ABC to create yet another spin-off from Happy Days, this time featuring an angel called ‘Random’ who they introduced via a cameo in an episode of Happy Days.

Random (Jimmy Brogan) – a Class Three Angel – is assigned to watch over Marion Richards (Dixie Carter) who’s had to take in her nieces and nephews after the death of their parents in a plane crash. Only the orphaned kids are aware of his magical ‘powers’.


The kids included 16-year-old Chris (Clark Brandon), a sport-loving cynic; 13-year-old Laura (Olivia Barash), a TV and movie addict; 10-year-old Stacey (Tammy Lauren), a tomboy who idolised Chris; and 8-year-old identical twins Jason (Jason D. Keller) and Shane (Shane Keller), who loved fooling people about who’s Jason and who’s Shane.

To be in a better position to help the children, Random becomes a science teacher at the local high school and although angels are not permitted to interfere in human destiny (Noninvolvement Act, Subsection B), Random occasionally uses magic “to help matters along”.

The cast was completed by Hannah Dean who played the saucy-but-loving housekeeper Gladys.

Robin Williams guest-starred as Mork in the pilot, but even that wasn’t enough to get this show jump-started.

Thirteen episodes were filmed (including the two-part pilot which aired as one hour-long episode) but the show was cancelled after only nine episodes aired.


Dixie Carter died on 10 April 2010, in Houston, Texas, as a result of complications from endometrial cancer. She was 70.

Jimmy Brogan
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