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Paper Lads, The

1 9 7 7 – 1 9 7 9 (UK)
14 x 25 minute episodes

This fondly remembered family series from Tyne Tees follows the adventures of J.G. (Tony Neilson), Ian (Andrew Edwards), Gog (Peter Younger), Baz (Gavin Kitchen) and Sam (Judith Pyle) – teenagers on a paper round for their local newsagent, Jack Crawford (Glynn Edwards – the Winchester Barman from Minder).

Retired policeman Jack always tells the lads (and lass) to keep their eyes open as they go about their rounds – as a result, they often discover the news, as well as deliver it, going up against baby snatchers, burglars, prize-winning leek knobblers, illegal dog racers and the “sweetie shop thief”.

Filmed among the endless terraced streets of Gateshead and featuring humorous, exciting scripts – several garnering a Writer’s Guild Award (Best Children’s Writer) for playwright and screenwriter William Corlett – The Paper Lads ran for two seasons.

The Paper Lads is really The Famous Five without the middle-class trappings but with a little more depth. The theme tune, Back Home Once Again, was penned by folk-rock group Renaissance.

paperladsJ.G. (John George) Bell
Tony Neilson
Ian Armstrong
Andrew Edwards
Barry ‘Baz’ Moorhead
Gavin Kitchen
Sam Moorhead
Judith Pyle
Paul ‘Gog’ Golightly
Peter Younger
Jack Crawford
Glynn Edwards
Jinny Crawford
Anne Jameson
Davey Crawford
John Bowler
Neville Clark
Barry Braund
Mickey Mann
Dick Irwin
Mavis Carter
Dorothy White