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Paper Moon

1 9 7 4 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Moze: “C’mon, we’re gettin’ out”
Addie: “Who’s after ya?”
Moze: “Killers, that’s who”
Addie: “It’s a lady, ain’t it? Ya got some irate husband after ya, right?”

And so, as another Paper Moon episode began, the two-bit con man and the precocious 11-year-old were on the lam again, just as they were in the movie.

Only the TV version had Christopher Connelly and Jodie Foster in the roles of Moses ‘Moze’ Pray and Adelaide ‘Addie’ Loggins.

They drove their spluttering ’31 roadster from one small town to another, across the Midwestern landscape of the 1930s, Moze trying to flimflam people with his gold-embossed Bibles (“the kind of quality the good Lord himself would admire and respect”) and Addie tagging along – and bailing him out – because she thought Moze was her father (and called herself Addie Pray).

They got on each other’s nerves but there was a bond between them that couldn’t be broken by anything – except low ratings.

Paper Moon debuted on ABC on Thursday 12 September 1974 but only ran for 13 weeks.

Moses ‘Moze’ Pray
Christopher Connelly
Adelaide ‘Addie’ Loggins
Jodie Foster


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