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Pardon My Genie

1 9 7 2 – 1 9 7 3 (UK)
26 x 25 minute episodes

Ellis Jones plays a young assistant in an ironmonger’s shop in the fictitious town of Widdimouth – the lad goes by the painfully punful name of Hal Adden (geddit?) – who is cleaning up an old watering can when out pops a genie, 4,000 years old and keen to serve his new master.

The only problem is, his back’s a bit stiff and, well . . . what with one thing and another, his spells have a habit of going wrong. He’s also inclined to take everything Hal says at face value – Hal quickly learns it’s unwise to say things like “Strike me pink!” or “Stone me!” when there’s a genie about.

padonmygenie7As for the shop owner, Mr Cobbledick (Roy Barraclough) – and I’m saying nothing – he quickly resigns himself to never coming out on top in his skirmishes with the Magical One, and his visits to his psychiatrist increase.

This deservedly popular children’s series – akin to a cross between Open All Hours and US cartoon Shazam! – enjoyed a remarkable final episode in which the genie caused mayhem at a television studio.

Because the series was filmed at Thames the stars on the receiving end of the bad magic included the station’s biggest names of the day: Eamonn Andrews, Wendy Craig, Dickie Davies, Jack Smethurst, and Magpie favourites Susan Stranks, Tony Bastable and Puff the Pony.

Hal Adden 
Ellis Jones
The Genie

Hugh Paddick (1)
Arthur White (2)
Mr Cobbledick 

Roy Barraclough
Patricia Cobbledick

Lynette Erving
PC Appleby 

Joe Dunlop
Dr Hockridge 

William Abney
Mrs Hockridge 

Joyce Grant