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Park Ranger

1 9 7 9 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

Former Freewheelers creator Chris McMaster developed this series about the Park Ranger of Bearsdale, a fictional Borders National Park.

David Martin was the Ranger, accompanied by his young new assistant Paul (Richard Gibson) and aided by local vet Margaret (Jenny Logan) and her teenage daughter Katie (Jane West Bakerink).

In the most exciting national park in the country, there was a rabid dog from France on the loose to contend with, an escaped convict, two crooks seeking a mineral deposit in a mountain quarry, a bomber threatening a local nuclear power station and a raging forest fire to end the series.

As always, McMaster drafted in as much hardware as possible – two American brats caused havoc with a hang-glider in one episode, while as many helicopters as could be fitted into the storylines also featured.

David Martin
Norman Bowler
Paul Graham
Richard Gibson
Katie Jackson
Jane West Bakerink
Margaret Jackson
Jenny Logan
Michael McStay