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Pebble Mill At One 

1 9 7 2 – 1 9 8 6 (UK)

This weekday magazine programme from the BBC was introduced in 1972 to compete with ITV’s successful lunchtime drama, Crown Court, and featured short shallow interviews, music, cookery, fashion and fill-in items.

The series was produced at the Pebble Mill studio in Birmingham, where it was filmed in the reception area of the foyer rather than a conventional studio – because a planned third studio was never constructed on the site and existing facilities were fully booked for network drama production and local news.

Much mocked by critics, the show was axed in May 1986 when the BBC’s Daytime programming brought such hits as Neighbours and Kilroy.

Presenters included Jan Leeming, Donny MacLeod, Fern Britton, Marian Foster, Debi Jones, Bob Langley, Tom Coyne, David Seymour, Magnus Magnusson, Chris Baines, Josephine Buchan, and Paul Coia.

Pebble Mill was resurrected in 1991 and aired from Studio A, presented by Alan Titchmarsh and Judi Spiers in a format similar to Pebble Mill at One.