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1 9 7 9 (UK)
12 x 50 minute episodes

Debuting in October 1979, this 12-part costume romance series from the BBC told the tale of obsessive love and thwarted passion in storm-tossed Cornwall.

The series was brimming with dynastic complexity, spanning the years between 1867 to 1940 and flashing back and forth across three generations. The first episode alone covered 33 years, three generations and three characters called Mark!

It took a while to get the hang of who did whom out of what and when but the series contained all the required cliches of the genre to ensure its success.

Maud Castallack (Angela Scoular) waged war on her cousin Giles Penmar (Shaughan Seymour) for many years in her determination to secure the gloomy Cornwall mansion of Penmarric – which the family called “the inheritance” – for her son, Mark (Martin C Thurley).

But Mark was a man of passion and was beholden to his own desires, being torn between two women – Janna (Annabel Leventon) and Rose (Shirley Steedman). He eventually wed Janna (who had been his father’s mistress), produced four children, raped her, and abandoned her to live with his mistress – all in less than an hour!

Throughout, “the inheritance” was the cause of many legal battles, fist-fights, tears and irritable death-bed scenes – but there was also a lot of hanky-panky around the Cornish coastline, principally in a beach tent.

Mark Castallack
Martin C Thurley (Thomas Ellice)
Maud Castallack
Angela Scoular
Annabel Leventon
Rose Parrish
Shirley Steedman
Rupert Frazer
Eric Deacon
Laurence Castallack
Ralph Bates
Giles Penmar
Shaughan Seymour
June Ellis
Rector Barnwell
Roger Milner
Michael Vincent
Peter Blake
Maurice Quick
Roy Holder
Fiona Gray
Holly De Jong
Jared Roslyn
Nick Brimble
Rosalind Ayres
Clarissa Penmar
Lesley Dunlop
Gene Foad
Iain Anders
Alun Trevose
John Patrick
Alice Penmar
Kim Braden
Richard Gibson
Anna Wing
Harry Penmar
William Humbert
James Healey
Emma Rogers
Joss Roslyn
Vincent Brimble
Peter Birch
Kate Lock
Debbie Wheeler
Young William
William Vahl
Young Philip
Matthew Blakstad
Edward Kelsey
Young Mark Castallack
Paul Spurrier
Young Mariana
Patsy Kensit
Young Adrian
Edward Rawle-Hicks
Young Marcus
Paul Erangey
Young Hugh
James Cheesman
Young Jeanne
Claire Gregory
Dr Ormott
Geoffrey Chater
Mrs Smith
Lynda La Plante
John Henry Roslyn
John Junkin
Robert Yorke
Paul Darrow