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Please Stand By

1 9 7 9 (USA)
24 x 30 minute episodes

This 30-minute syndicated sitcom from Viacom starred Richard Schaal as former oil executive Frank Lampert and Elinor Donahue as his wife, Carol – a couple who moved from Los Angeles and bought the world’s smallest TV station – KRDA, Channel Four – in the (fictitious) city of De Queen, New Mexico.

They ran the station out of their garage with the help of their family – pop singing son David (Stephen Schwartz); brash, know-it-all daughter Susan (Darian Mathias); and rambunctious little genius kid brother, Rocky (Bryan Scott).

The station aired only when the equipment (including their one and only camera) was working – thanks mostly to the electronics expertise of a young Sioux Indian.

Young news reporter Vicki Janes (Marcie Barkin) took her job very seriously despite the familial madness around her.

Guest artists included Al Lewis (from The Munsters), Ruth Buzzi (Laugh-In) and Marcia Lewis (The Bob Newhart Show).

Frank Lampert
Richard Schaal
Carol Lampert
Elinor Donahue
Susan Lampert
Darian Mathias
David Lampert
Stephen Schwartz
Rocky Lampert
Bryan Scott
Tom Logan
Vicki Janes
Marcie Barkin
Dennis “Crash” Lopez
Danny Mora
Gary Oakes