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13 x 30 minute episodes

In England in 1685, two children – Elam and Perfect – are caught up in the rebellion of James, Duke of Monmouth, against his uncle, the Catholic King James II.

Monmouth (Jonathan Newth) has landed on the Dorset coast and means to raise a peasant army and march on London to seize the English throne he claims is rightfully his.

Young Elam (Curtis Arden) seeks the pretender Monmouth, believing himself to be the Duke’s son.

Dreaming of being proclaimed a Royal Prince when Monmouth finally takes the crown, Elam faces kidnap, illness and constant danger, accompanied by his sister Perfect (Elizabeth Robillard) and their swashbuckling friend Joachim (Frederick Jaeger), a Dutch mercenary, weary of war.

This Sunday evening HTV historical drama series followed the various adventures of the children, leading up to the climactic battle of Sedgemoor, the failure of the rebellion and its aftermath.

The rebel Duke and his army of ill-equipped peasants finally face the dragoons of King James at Sedgemoor.

Curtis Arden
Elizabeth Robillard
Frederick Jaeger
Old Elam (narrator)
James Cossins
Duke of Monmouth 
Jonathan Newth
Hedley Goodall
Mistress Betterbridge
Constance Chapman
Colonel Kirke
Hamilton Dyce
Carl Bernard
Maurice Good
David Jackson
Geoffrey Matthews
Soft John
John Moreno
Benjamin White
Robert Bridges
Jack Watson


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