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Quest of Eagles

1 9 7 9 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This children’s serial from Tyne Tees Television debuted on Sunday 11 November 1979.

The dying words of Stefan Koslawski’s father are spoken in a language the boy doesn’t completely understand. But with the aid of his friends, Stefan (Michael Yeaman) sets off on a trail to find the priceless treasure brought over from Poland to Newcastle long before he was born.

He discovers he is not the only person searching and, after doing battle with Vladek Gora (Ferdy Mayne), Stefan finally finds his later father’s treasure. But should it stay where it is or be taken back to Poland by Andrei Beck (Milos Kirek)?

Vladek Gora
Ferdy Mayne
Stefan Koslawski
Michael Yeaman
Tom Harris
Gina McKee
Hans Meyer
Michael Williams
Robert Urquhart
Andrei Beck

Milos Kirek
Mrs Koslawski
Marlene Sidaway
Bruce White
Jozef Golabek
Gabor Vernon
Vladek Sheybal